Danilo Pani

danilo [dot] pani [at] diee [dot] unica [dot] it
Via Marengo 3 - 09123 Cagliari
+39 070 675 5763

Danilo Pani is with the EOLAB of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University of Cagliari since 2002.

He received the MSc in Electronic Engineering (magna cum laude) on October 2002 and the PhD in Electronic and Computer Engineering on March 2006 by the University of Cagliari (Italy).

Currently he is Assistant Professor in Biomedical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering, Dept. Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University of Cagliari. His research activity is focussed on algorithms and architectures for real-time biomedical digital signal processing (with particular emphasis on neural signal processing and non-invasive Fetal ECG extraction) and telemedicine. He is also active in the conception of novel digital architectures for computationally-intensive applications (e.g. former studies on distributed-control microarchitectural models).

He is author of more than 40 international publications. His research project "Real-time Blind Source Separation (BSS) of signal mixtures on DIOPSIS 740 platform" was awarded with the 2nd prize at the last international ATMEL DSP Design Contest 2005. His work "A DSP algorithm and system for real-time fetal ECG extraction" (D.Pani, S.Argiolas, L.Raffo) received a "Best Poster Presentation Prize" in the Computers in Cardiology Conference 2008. His project "Conception and development of advanced algorithms for real-time extraction of fetal electrocardiogram from non-invasive biopotential recordings" received the Young Researchers Grant by Region of Sardinia, PO Sardegna FSE 2007-2013, L.R.7/2007.

He is coordinator of the regional project ELoRA (Low-power Real-time processing of neural signals for prosthetic Aids), LR7/2007 - Year 2012.

He is lecturer for the course "Electronic Signal Processing" for the B.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Cagliari.

Some students supervised by Dr. Danilo Pani received awards for their cutting-edge theses. The whole list of supervised theses is available through the same link.